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26 Swaps that can make your life happier.


1. Gratitude for complaining. Feeling thankful can actually make us happier and healthier, so don’t forget to appreciate every bit of good in life!

2. Outside for inside. Soak up the sun— even in the winter. Exercising in the cold is safe, and getting outdoors could help battle Seasonal Affective Disorder.

3. Meditation for comfort food. When stress strikes, don’t grab a tub of ice cream for comfort. Try dimming the lights and meditating for as little as five minutes— it’s totally calming.

4. Yoga for Facebook. Got a spare 30 minutes? Those Facebook friends won’t post any shape-shifting statuses. Use the free time to roll out the yoga mat and work on flexibility and strength while alleviating stress and anxiety.

5. Being upfront for acting passive aggressive. Roommate forgot to clean the dishes again?Rather than bottling up that anger, be forthright (but nice!). Working out issues is better than building up inner frustration.

6. Journaling for emotional eating. Sometimes a cookie or two can lift our spirits, but writing down our thoughts can be just as therapeutic— no calories involved.

7. Working at a desk for working in the bedroom. Finish that assignment at a desk rather than between the sheets. Working in bed could make it harder to fall asleep!

8. Fun alarm clock song for annoying ringer. Who wants to be woken from a peaceful slumber thanks to an irritating beep? (Waking up early is hard enough.) Choose a fun little melody on the cell phone to wake up to instead!

9. Fancy silverware for plastic. Let’s get a little classy— even in that shabby apartment. Using some nice forks and knives will add some style to that bowl of ramen noodles, making us feel likereal adults.

10. Carpooling for driving alone. H.O.V. lane aside, carpooling with a pal can make a morning commute less boring. Besides, it reduces air pollution and cuts down on gas money.

11. Breathing for bein’ a stress mess. Calm breathing can boost relaxation and calm the mind. Take a long, deep breath to relax the bod rather than stressing out.

12. Smiling for frowning. Even when we’re alone, smiling can improve mood. Try grinning in the shower or on the way to work— it may really make us feel cheerful.

13. Book for television. All those zombie shows may not only freak us out, but also give usnightmares. Get a dose of knowledge and read a good novel before bed. It may help us get better sleep, too!

14. Keeping the same bedtime for winging it. Setting a bedtime schedule may help us fall asleep faster, so pick a good time and try to stick to it!

15. Little milestones for big goals. Thinking big is great, but huge goals may take time to reach. Don’t forget the small achievements we can make— they’ll also add up to big, positive change!

16. Clean workspace for clutter. Take some time to put away the laundry and organize the paper-piled desk. Having a clean space may make us more organized and eager to tackle the day.

17. Venting to a friend for bottling it up. Sometimes life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. When sad or stressed, reach out to a trusted friend instead of holding in the feelings. Just talking could make us feel better!

18. Self-love for self-criticism. We often focus on our faults rather than our worth. Stop pointing out the negative and focus on all those redeeming qualities!

19. Focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. Don’t focus on yesterday’s issues. Think of the possibilities and go after that goal!

20. Moderation for deprivation. We can still be healthy without skipping dessert. As long as we regulate our indulgences, they can help keep that smile around. So go ahead— treat yo’ self.

21. Planning for procrastination. Got a lot to do? Making a plan, rather than waiting ’til the last minute, helps ensure we get things done.

22. Honesty for excuses. The gym wasn’t too crowded, and the bus actually didn’t come late. Skip the excuses— being honest with others and ourselves is the best option.

23. Comfy shoes for fancy footwear. Blisters and sore soles are never fun, no matter how suave those shoes may look. Better keep it comfy in the foot department.

24. Saying no for over-committing. Sometimes saying no is hard, but agreeing to too much can be overwhelming and bring on sickness. Figuring out what we can realistically commit to will help keep stress away.

25. Color for drab shades. Science suggests wearing red can boost confidence and self-esteem. So save the black for the Batman costume and brighten up that wardrobe.

26. Calling a friend for texting. Phone a friend rather than shooting them a text. It’s more personal, and hearing a friendly voice may lift the spirits.

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